In a little corner of the internet, tucked away behind all the other places of the internet, there exists a tiny little location I like to call my home.

There is not a lot to it. It exists merely as my own little sandbox. A place for me to play and to practice. A place where I can be as loud as I want and not have to worry what the neighbours might think. A place I can return to when the wounds become too much and I need to recover.

Then there is this website.

My name is Stephen, although most people call me Steve. This is the front yard as it were. This is where you can see the things in my life I decide to make public. Or at least find a way to get to them.

There is primarily the blog here. There are other applications available here, but I hide them amongst the bushes. They’re easy to find though. Just takes a simple bit of knowledge to do so.

You’re welcome to visit, but please stay out of the garden.